[Them Coulee Boys] are sure to kick down an equal dose of punk-folk calamity and Americana balladry, 4-part harmonies learned in dive bars and church basements, and a banjo stomp so infective you are sure to join with abandon.
— Mid West Music Fest

Allegedly founded at a bible camp, and born in the back valleys of Western Wisconsin, Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll.  Somewhere underneath the energy, the exuberance, the wit, and the passion of Them Coulee Boys lies a heart.  It's a heart filled with sincerity, honesty, and the will to make the world a better place.  This heart is not only evident in every song, but also in Them Coulee Boys as a whole. These songs are meant for dancing, for excitement, but are also for thought, and for the quiet moments.  Them Coulee Boys seek to balance the high with the low, the happy with the sad, and the love with pain.  It's how we live our lives, and they make music that reflects that.  

Founded in late 2013, Them Coulee Boys have quickly become a force on the Midwest music scene.  Soren Staff, Beau Janke, Jens Staff, and Neil Krause work together as a well-oiled alt-folk machine to craft songs and live shows that have impressed audiences nationwide.  

Them Coulee Boys live shows are energetic affairs, with a constant passion and sincerity evident in each song they play. Some songs it's an infectious stomp, inviting the listener to dance along.  Driving banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass provide a backdrop for fast-paced narratives about love and life, ordinary or incredible.  Other songs leave room for space, with ambient electric banjo and finger picked instrumentation accompany songs dealing with the harsh realities of things we cannot control.  These are songs from a band that is not afraid to take chances.  These are songs from a band that's comfortable stripped down, or turned way up.  These songs are deeply personal and entirely relatable.  Maybe that's what makes theses songs so easy to sing along with, and these performances so moving.  You're invited to feel a whole range of emotions, and that makes for shows that you won't soon forget.  

After the release of their debut “I Never Lied About Being In Love” in 2014, Them Coulee Boys toured tirelessly until it came time to record their first professional studio effort in the winter months of 2016.  After 7 days at Pine Hollow Audio outside of Eau Claire, WI the new record “Dancing in the Dim Light” was born.  With new songs came new sounds, as evidenced by the use of electric banjo, drums, and piano.  Lyrically, “Dancing in the Dim Light” deals with the duality of life, in which we often remember the lows in our highs, but also see the light in the dark. Since the release of "Dancing in the Dim Light", fans and critics alike have praised the giant step forward in Them Coulee Boys sound.  Reviewed by many U.S. publications, DITDL was also loved by Scene Magazine in Canada, and had press from the U.K. as well. It was named "Best Local Album 2016" by Volume One Magazine, and has been played on radio stations all across the country, most notably on NPR's "Simply Folk" program.  

Them Coulee Boys have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some incredible acts including: John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival), Yonder Mountain String Band, Pert Near Sandstone, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Fruition, and many more.  


Awards and Accomplishments 


"Best Bluegrass Band" - Volume One Magazine

"Best Bluegrass Band" & "Best Folk Band" - Visit La Crosse's Best of La Crosse Poll


"Best Local Album 2016" Volume One Magazine.

"Best Bluegrass Band" Volume One Magazine.  


"Them Coulee Boys Cool Ale" released by Blue Heron Brew Pub, Marshfield, WI



Final 32 Finalists - Bonnaroo Battle of the Bracket Contest

River Falls Roots & Bluegrass Songwriting Grand Champion





Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Staff is the songwriter for Them Coulee Boys, with lyrics as contemplative as they are conversational.  His influences include Neil Young, Taylor Goldsmith, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and all those who take chances.  Staff seeks a shared experience between the band and the audience, and hopes listener's find their voice in his music.


Banjo, Electric Banjo, Piano, Harmonica,  Vocals

Janke is the resident artist in Them Coulee Boys, always pushing the limits musically and aesthetically, to great affect. His influences include The Flaming Lips, U2, and Sufjan Stevens. Beau makes music because, for him, its the only thing that he creates that he desires to share with others.


Mandolin, Vocals

Staff is Them Coulee Boys jack of all trades, contributing mandolin as well as both the lowest and highest harmonies around.  He also is the businessman, jumping through hoops behind the scenes. He cites The Eagles, Alabama Shakes, and The Avett Brothers as his biggest influences.  Staff loves making music because it makes him and those who hear it happy. 

Neil Krause

Bass, Kick Drum, Vocals

Krause is the one man rhythm section, playing bass and kick drum at once.  His relentless thump on the stand up and electric bass are the pulsing undercurrent to TCB's sound. His influences include .357 String Band, Paul Simon, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Cat Stevens.  Neil loves playing music with TCB because he sets his goals high, and it never feels like work to him.