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Dancing in the dim light


Dancing In The Dim Light – Album Review

- Owen Maxwell, The Scene Magazine (Canada)


"Mixing parts Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, and a country soul, the effort proves a strong and accessible album for those who may be growing tired of the typical new folk band."




Volume One Magazine

They crank out some seriously good music with such gusto and energy, it’s irresistibly fun.

Them Coulee Boys Pumped about new album

La Crosse Tribune

 Raucous, high-energy folk

from camp counselors to them coulee boys

Door County Pulse

The writing has grown up, making for a more complex album overall.


Local valley boys and church camp counselor graduates, sure to kick down an equal dose of punk folk calamity and Americana balladry, 4-part harmonies learned in dive bars and church basements alike, and a banjo stomp so infective you are sure to join with abandon
— Mid West Music Fest
With every strum, every head bob and every foot stomp, the energy coming from each instrument richocheted…{for the audience} it seemed impossible not to bob their heads, shake their legs or even strum their fingers along with the beat of the music.
— Megan Hosely, The Spectator

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Certainly ‘punked up country’ does apply but that doesn’t take into account the quality of the writing, the often slightly unusual arrangements, or the tremendous flowing ballads, the upbeat rock ‘n’ roll or the occasional, more than a nod to bluegrass...there really isn’t much more you could wish for from an album. A tremendous and memorable album.
— American Roots (U.K.)
Good ‘ole story-telling and organic music from the salt of the earth.
— Indie Rock Cafe