Allegedly founded at a bible camp in 2012, Them Coulee Boys have come quite a long way since then. Crafting a brand of folk rock that incorporates elements of bluegrass, punk, and jam, Them Coulee Boys are “prolific, caring, and a fiercely good time onstage and off” (Volume One Magazine, Oct. 2014). Wielding a constantly growing repertoire of 20 original songs along with covers that span genres and decades, the Boys have spent the past two years playing all over Wisconsin and Minnesota.  

Originally a three-piece, the Boys traveled around the state playing songs off their Them Coulee Boys EP while mixing in covers from ranging from the folk of Bob Dylan, to the groove of The Rolling Stones, with just about everything else in between. Once they became a four man band in February 2014, Them Coulee Boys hit the studio to record their debut full-length I Never Lied About Being In Love, which features 14 tracks that range from tender folk, to bluegrass blowouts.  Never the ones to stand still, the Boys are working on a whole new set of tunes to add to their already superb live show.  

With a sound that can be aggressive and tender in the same song, and sometimes in the same sentence, Them Coulee Boys have garnered high praise from listeners and critics alike. Experience has brought polish to their live show, but they still maintain the sense of spontaneity that has become something to expect at their shows. Be it a shove here, a strum on your neighbor’s instrument there, or a jam here or an a cappella bit there, Them Coulee Boys want to keep you on your toes, because that's how they like to be as well. 

The fact of the matter is, Them Coulee Boys enjoy their time together, on stage and off. It’s contagious, and will get you out on dance floor in no time.

                                     Bass: Michael Aschbacher, Banjo: Beau Janke, Guitar: Soren Staff, Mandolin: Jens Staff


Four Friends Finding Folk - Volume One, 10/30/2014

…sweet folk ballads and raucous bluegrass blowouts with wholly conversational, simple lyrics about love and politics that make sure you hear exactly what they’re saying and feeling, whether you like it or not…They’re prolific, caring, and a fiercely good time on stage and off.
— Eric Christenson, Managing Editor, Volume One Magazine

The Coulee Region crew - The Spectator, 09/28/2014

With every strum, every head bob and every foot stomp, the energy coming from each instrument richocheted…{for the audience} it seemed impossible not to bob their heads, shake their legs or even strum their fingers along with the beat of the music.
— Meghan Hosely, Copy Editor, The Spectator

Artist Profile: Them Coulee Boys - Stoutonia, 11/15/2014

Wisconsin has no shortage of folk and bluegrass acts, but Them Coulee Boys, stand tall above the rest with their rowdy energy and heartfelt lyrics...Them Coulee Boys are ready to take the Midwest, and eventually the rest of the country, by storm.
— Billy Tuite, Stoutonia


I Never Lied About Being In Love (2014)


1.  Holy Water 

2.  Made For You 

3.  Cool On Down 

4.  Livin’ & Lyin’

5.  Could You Blame Me 

6.  Hammer 

7.  You & I 

8.  Fool’s Gold 

9.  $8 Beer 

10.  I Never Lied 

11.  High Road 

12.  She Don’t Say Hello 

13.  Shakin’ The Cage 

14.  By Your Side

All songs written and performed by Them Coulee Boys.  All lyrics written by Soren Staff.  Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Michael Aschbacher at Farm House Records, Chetek, WI, released October 31, 2014

Them Coulee Boys EP (2013)


1.  Cool On Down 

2.  When I Was Young 

3.  Maybe

4.  Big Slough 

5.  What Do They Know 

6.  I’d Be Anything 

7.  Sign Of The Times

All songs written and performed by Them Coulee Boys, lyrics: Soren Staff.  Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Drew Joseph Productions, released 07 September 2013