Them Coulee Cats & dogs

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Meet Remington and Captain.  Remington is a liver and white springer spaniel and Captain is a  3-legged cat.  Together they've partnered with Them Coulee Boys to raise money for local animal shelters by selling stickers using their faces.  Being celebrities in their respective homes, Remmy and Captain wanted to use their fame to give back to their community humane societies.

You see, before he finally found a home at Soren and Jens' house, Remington spent some time in an animal shelter.  Before Captain was charming audiences at Beau's home, he too spent time at the humane society.  These shelters helped both of them find homes, and help countless other animals find homes every year.  Captain and Remington (and their families) want to give back. 

So we created a contest, with stickers.  Team Remington vs. Team Captain.  When you come to a Them Coulee Boys show, simply donate to either Remington or Captains cause, and grab a Them Coulee Boys sticker with their face on it.  When the contest is finished, we will take the proceeds and donate them to area animal shelters in their respective names.  Whether you're a cat person or a dog person, we can all agree that whomever wins, it's all going to a good place.  

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Them COulee cats and dogs.png