New Year, New Tunes

New year means new songs for Them Coulee Boys

New year means new songs for Them Coulee Boys

Its 10:30AM January 3rd, and I'm about to head to my first band practice of 2015.  Having recovered from our New Year's Bash at Dodge Street Grill in Whitehall, WI I'm ready to tackle the new year the only way I know how: with change. 

I love what Them Coulee Boys has created in the past 2 years.  Two albums, countless shows, and a bond that borders on family between us.  But to be honest, there's times when it almost feels stale.  I'm so happy I am able to feel that, because that gives me the power to change that feeling.  We're doing that by doing what seems natural.  We're writing some new songs. 

The picture above contains 10 new songs, some you may have heard and others top secret.  Its about half of what we want to write before narrowing things down for the next record.  We always road test our material, so you'll be hearing these ones soon enough.  

It feels so good to be turning the page on one chapter and starting a new one.  These new songs really just update where we all are personally, and as a band.  Hopefully we can capture a litte bit of that magic we all felt NYE and create something for you all.  

Happy New Year,