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Growing up I always had an obsession with the idea of an album.  I was never the guy to make the mixtapes, riddled with hits from a variety of artists.  I was more concerned with hearing what one band had to say, from start to finish.  I'm not saying I've never bought any greatest hits albums, or that I've never listened to NOW (because I have...16 being the best), but from an early age I knew I preferred listening to the whole thing.  

I remember the first album I became obsessed with in such a way was Green Day's "American Idiot".  I remember sitting in the back of mom's van, hoping she couldn't hear the aggression, the politics, and (most importantly) the profanity coming from my cheap headphones I was blasting.  I remember how I became fascinated in how each song led to another, how each song told a story, and how that story grew as each track passed.  The highs, the lows, and those iconic power chords had me thinking that I was a part of the story, even though all I had to do was press play.  

When it came time to craft how Them Coulee Boys debut album would appear, my mind drifted back to those memories.  When writing these lyrics, I never really had a story in mind.  But the more Beau, Jens, Michael, and I worked through each track, the more it became apparent that a story was being told.  Its a story of highs, lows, and the way we choose to live through those two extremes in our life.  Whether in the exuberant pangs of love, or the excruicating pain of loss, we hope that this album can give you a little insight into how we chose to move on.  It's an album in which we are very proud of, and can't wait to share with you. 


News:  We've been busy as of late, finishing up our summer at Timbuktunes, and another beautiful night at the Trempealeau Hotel with some new friends at The Giving Tree Band.  We are headed down for a couple of dates we're really excited about in September, including a show at The Cabin at UWEC.  Overall, we're keeping pretty busy and we're very happy about that.  Also, if you didn't figure it out yet, we're starting a blog.  You can come here for anything and everything Them Coulee Boys.  All four of us will be contributing stories, photos, and news  that you won't find anywhere else. So feel free to join the conversation, we'd love to have you.

- Soren