Two Cents From Jens

When I first arrived at the farm house in late August to record this next album, I came with a hope of everything going smoothly, everyone agreeing, and walking out earlier than planned. I was wrong.

It became apparent early that making an album wasn’t going to be all fun and games. It was work. I was surprised, but not disappointed about this. I started to notice that if someone wasn’t completely focused on what they were recording, it wouldn’t be good enough. That caused us all to push ourselves more than we thought.

When we started, I also dreaded the times when we were going to disagree and fight about the direction we were taking a song. I came to realize that those fights were just as necessary as us bringing the instruments. I realized that this arguing, this grueling work,  was what was going to make this album great.

To finish up on Wednesday we listened to each song one last time to make sure everything was OK, thinking it was going to take 2 hours at the most. It ended up taking all day, which led to me being tired of hearing just about anything. I listen to music every opportunity I can, but after spending a week living in it,  I couldnt listen for a couple days. That was probably one of the biggest surprises, that I needed to listen to silence to clear my head.

Thats my two cents on the album.

- Jens