Album Art: by Beau Janke

The cover was an idea that I had last year. A colorful hair braid that is unending similar to celtic knots. The circle braid is a symbol of this constant movement and growth using hair, which is something we so often discard when we are finished with it similar to a bad relationship with anyone. Beautiful when it is with us/anxiety inducing when its let go. Heartbreak is a major theme of the new album. The hair is braided to show strength. Its also pretty.

Its made in a process called Relief Printmaking. This type of medium requires a lot of time and focus to detail. I carve into a block of wood and i take out all of the areas that i want to be white. Then I cover them with ink and send them through a press transferring them to paper or fabric. I make giant stamps! The braid was made with 3 different blocks: yellow, orange and purple. 

I'm truly proud of what we have accomplished in the past 3 months. We managed to record and produce 14 songs and they sound pretty good too:) But we'd be a bunch of liars to say to that it was easy. It got tough. I said things to Soren that I wish I could take back, but really, had we not argued about what this record needed to be, it wouldn't have been what we wanted. I also wanna thank Mike for his patience in our many trials and errors. And Jens for his ambition to try until we achieved nothing but success. And Soren for writing the songs...and giving our group a voice. A beautiful, poetic, creative, heartbreaking, fist-pounding voice. 

Thank you everybody! Your support is the steam in our engines. We love you.