"I Never Lied About Being In Love" Track List

First things first it's time for a story. 

Like all good stories, this one may be a little embarassing for the parties involved, but I think it's ok.  When it first came time to assemble this album, we didn't really know where to start. I never really thought that this record would tell a story.  I kind of anticipated we would just put the songs where they felt right.  

The more and more I looked back on what I was trying to say in these songs, the more I realized that there was a story to be told.  Most of these songs were written at a time where I myself was in a very emotional state.  Be it in times of  beautiful bliss or devastating depression, I used song to process those emotions.  If I was angry, I let that spill out on to the page.  If I longed for something or someone, I let my words try to bring that feeling back.  If I simply wanted to remember, I'd let my lyrics act as my diary.  

So being the engineer I aspire to someday be, I made a table of each song.  What key were they? Did they build? What was the theme of the song? What about tempo? I thought that organizing them that way would help.  Turns out when it comes down to it, the only thing that mattered was our gut feelings.  So, the four of us sat in our basement, grabbed a few brews, and wrote each song on a paper plate. From there we arranged the tracklist. I won't say how long it took, but I will say that we put a lot of thought into this order.  We think it tells a story.  Its up to you to decide what that story means to you. 

I Never Lied About Being In Love

1. Holy Water

2. Made For You

3. Cool On Down

4. Living & Lying

5. Could You Blame Me?

6. Hammer

7. You & I

8. Fool's Gold

9. $8 Beer

10. I Never Lied

11. High Road

12. She Don't Say Hello

13. Shakin The Cage

14. By Your Side